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Getting started is really easy, all you need to do is just book time to talk to us on the phone. It really is that easy. 

your pathway | "THE FOUR C's"



While the processes is the same for every job, the scope changes for every job. The scope of perhaps renovating a 1930s villa is obviously going to be vastly different to designing a brick and tiled home on a flat piece of land.


The "scope of work" is something that we'll be talking with you about on the phone so we both get clear exactly what the outcome is you want to achive. 






Following the phone conversation, we'll do a brief and talk to you about what it is you really wanna achieve. What's your dream, and we'll put together a plan to how we can guide you to that result. During this process we will also concept out your ideas and perhaps give some creative ideas around what you might like and what you don't want do. You know, if you say, ah I really wanted to do this, how could that work? We might talk about ways we're gonna incorporate that into the project.



The third thing is what's called PIM, that's isn't relevant to every project but on a lot of projects, a Project Information Memorium is the best way to get council to have a first look at your project.


The Building Department does not look but the Development Engineering Department and the Resource Department (Planning) will take a quick look and give us some feedback around what they will be expecting as part of your Building Consent application. It is a really good way to gauge where council is at with anything that's a little bit complex, or perhaps a little bit out of the normal.


The work required for PIM application normally forms approximately the first half Building Consent so it's not something you're charged for twice, it's just another step on the way, and it just helps you deal with any, really big hairy abnormalities upfront and not have you exposed at the back.





And then finally, obviously, we need to prepare a Building Consent application. At this point, the Building Consent application should, provided we completed the PIM process, be just about complete, just a matter of putting the finer details and that's really about compliance with the building code. Once that's complete we lodge the application, council will ask questions and we'll help deal with those questions on your behalf. Then your building consent's issued, it's that easy.




To get started, simply book us in for a phone call. it really is that simple. Below here you'll find a link to book us in on our calendars direct. One of our senior team members will talk you through the process around what it is that you're looking at doing to make sure that we're all on the same track.

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